[MonoDevelop] MD no longer copying files to output directory?

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 15:59:04 EDT 2011

This could be something extremely simple, but it took me a few hours to 
work out what was going on.

At the moment it looks like the latest MD (well, a trunk build from 
yesterday evening GMT) isn't copying files marked "Copy to output 
directory" to the output directory of anything other than the project 
the files are in. I thought that MD used to copy those files to other 
projects as well (e.g. copying files from a library into the folders of 
the GUI that uses it).

Am I going crazy and making things up, or did MD used to copy files from 
libraries into the output folders of GUIs and other projects that 
depended on them?

For the detailed example, I have a library (call it IBB.API) that has a 
few schemas in a folder called "schemas". Each of those schemas is set 
to "Copy to output folder". I then have a separate test project for the 
library (IBB.API.Tests) and a GUI that uses the library (IBB.GUI).

Each of those projects is at the same level of the hierarchy on my 
filesystem, and they have the default build setup (bin/Debug/ for debug 
build). If I build and/or run the unit tests or the GUI then schemas 
will be recreated in IBB.API/bin/Debug, but not IBB.API.Tests/bin/Debug/ 
or IBB.GUI/bin/Debug/.

File tree:

...+-- bin
......+-- Debug
.........+-- schemas (recreated and repopulated on each build)
...+-- schemas (source folder for schemas)
......+-- my.schema
+-- IBB.API.Tests
...+-- bin
......+-- Debug
.........+-- schemas (? - expected but not recreated)
...+-- bin
......+-- Debug
.........+-- schemas (? - expected but not recreated)


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