[MonoDevelop] Upgrade to .Net 4.0?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Feb 11 16:32:07 EST 2011

> Can we wait until openSUSE catches up if you want to push to Mono 2.10, 
> please? :D There is a nightly OBS with 2.11 in it, but that has even 
> fewer packages listed than the Mono repo with 2.8 in!
> I guess it is reasonable enough that developers are likely to be more up 
> to date than most users, I just didn't know whether you were 
> unnecessarily restricting users of mildly old distros (like openSUSE 
> 11.3) because of compatibility issues between MD and what is available 
> and compatible with other apps that are installed.

Mono 2.8 will work, it has the 4.0 profile.

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