[MonoDevelop] Upgrade to .Net 4.0?

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 14:44:33 EST 2011

On 11/02/11 18:24, Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 10:45 AM, IBBoard<ibboard at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> On 11/02/11 15:42, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>> I'll obviously only be doing this as a temporary local thing, but I just
>>>> wondered if there was a reason for the move. I've not found anything
>>>> that needs .Net 4 yet, but it means that Mono 2.6 can't build it. I've
>>>> tried updating to Mono 2.8 from the openSUSE OBS, but there isn't a
>>>> version of mono-jscript and other packages, so I lose various Mono apps.
>>> Are you actively using mono-jscript?   Because that code was never
>>> completed, and has not been maintained for some 4-5 years.
>>> I strongly suggest that if you want to use Javascript, you use one of
>>> the alternatives built on top of the DLR.   One is built with F#, the
>>> other one with remObject's pascal
>>> Miguel
>> I'm not myself, but F-Spot and Gnome-Do plugins from openSUSE were, so
>> the upgrade uninstalled them. I've poked a bit more and found newer
>> builds (which means more repos) that don't rely on mono-jscript, so I've
>> upgraded to 2.8 and not lost anything important now.
>> The general thought/concern is still there, though: Is .Net 4/Mono 2.8
>> really needed for MD, or is it premature? I'd have thought that wider
>> compatibility would be good, so unnecessarily preventing a big chunk of
>> developers having access to MD 2.6 just because they have a slightly
>> out-dated Mono from their distro wouldn't seem good.
> MonoDevelop is a developer tool, so I think it's reasonable to assume
> that people updating MonoDevelop should also be able to update Mono.
> It's even possible we might require Mono 2.10 since it's a big
> improvement over 2.8.
> There are a few reasons for making the upgrade ahead of MD 2.6:
> * It will make it easier to backport fixes from MD master to MD 2.6
> * MonoDevelop on Mac uses MonoMac, so MD was blocking MonoMac from moving to 4.0

Can we wait until openSUSE catches up if you want to push to Mono 2.10, 
please? :D There is a nightly OBS with 2.11 in it, but that has even 
fewer packages listed than the Mono repo with 2.8 in!

I guess it is reasonable enough that developers are likely to be more up 
to date than most users, I just didn't know whether you were 
unnecessarily restricting users of mildly old distros (like openSUSE 
11.3) because of compatibility issues between MD and what is available 
and compatible with other apps that are installed.


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