[MonoDevelop] communicating a C++ library and C#, completed

Leonel Florin Selles leonel.florin at cfg.jovenclub.cu
Mon Dec 12 21:52:36 EST 2011

Hi list, in a few day ago I make a question where need it to create a C++
DLL to be used in C#, but monodevelop do not create c++ DLL, it create
*.so, well, I find the solution here


is the same as using C++ DLL from Windows, but with using .so library.

A point to have in mind is the Marshaling of the managed C# data type to
unmanaged C++ data type.

for that we need to use a intPtr C# pointer and the data type in C# that
we are using to marshaling for example

string name = "Victor";
intPtr namePtr = Mono.Unix.UnixMarshal.StringToHeap (name);

this is the equivalent for the c# string data type to char [], or char *
in C++.


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