[MonoDevelop] Random questions to adjust MD

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 15:52:12 EDT 2010

I'll comment on what I know in-line.

On 02/11/10 19:38, Elsass Philippe wrote:
> 2. Where can I edit reformater rules?

I don't know when it was introduced (I've been using the bleeding-edge
Git builds for too long now) but in the Dev tree then there are
formatting rules under Edit > Default Policies, then Source Code > Code
Formatting > C# source code, then the "C# Format" tab on Linux.

Mike has done a great job with extending it to be more powerful, and
I've been trying my own fixes in my own branch:)

> 3. I'd like to insert the completion list token on Enter keypress too
> - is it possible?

Which completion list tokens? If I type "Ob" and hit Enter then I
already get "Object" auto-completed. If you mean templates (like
Console.Write) then I've got a re-opened 'bug' ticket about it at

> 4. Are there plans to improve the UI to look better under Mac/Win? I
> don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or be flamed but there is really
> room for improvement.

What kind of improvements? MD uses GTK, which can have multiple
different themes. On Windows then you'd normally choose something like
Wimp (IIRC) for the theme to look like native Windows. Personally, I
prefer the MD look over VS.Net, but a bit of Eclipse flexibility
wouldn't harm :)

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