[MonoDevelop] Random questions to adjust MD

Elsass Philippe philippe.elsass at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 15:38:02 EDT 2010

Hello list,

I started using MD on Mac, while being a regular VS user on PC (I hope
you're cool with that).

I'd like to adjust a few things to become really comfortable but I
fail to find where/how.

1. I'm used to press Ctrl+Backspace to cleanup useless whitespace
before cursor - but in MD it will remove the whitespace AND the first
word found, regardless of punctuation. ie. it doesn't stop at the
first curly brace or semicolon. This is not right imho, and it's
driving me nuts :)

2. Where can I edit reformater rules?

3. I'd like to insert the completion list token on Enter keypress too
- is it possible?

4. Are there plans to improve the UI to look better under Mac/Win? I
don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or be flamed but there is really
room for improvement.


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