[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop CustomCommands

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 05:50:22 EDT 2010

El dv 29 de 10 de 2010 a les 07:43 -0700, en/na dman1264 va escriure:
> Hello I would like to get some info on how the <customcommands> work in
> monodevelop. I would like to create my own custom commands and know how
> these are read in to monodevelop so that I can make the vcproj files from
> vs2008 read into monodevelop. I believe the commands are read in by    
> MonoDevelop.Core.StringParserService. I have seen screenshots of monodevelop
> 1.0 on monodevelop.com which shows the ability to select and change custom
> commands has this been deleted from the current version? 

This feature has not been removed. You'll find the Custom Commands
section on the project options dialog.

> If anyone has a
> good reference for this please post it here. I have been able to make custom
> c# tasks run in <afterbuild> from xbuild command line but I would really
> like to know how the <CustomCommands> are implemented in monodevelop will be
> looking for it in the monodevelop source.

Custom Commands in MonoDevelop are specific to MonoDevelop and won't run
when building the project outside the IDE.


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