[MonoDevelop] Support for Git - MonoDevelop 2.6

Dale Ragan dale.ragan at sinesignal.com
Thu Jun 17 09:21:39 EDT 2010


> First of all, welcome to the team!


> Ideally, we should get this on Subversion directly.    When we migrate to
> GIT, this code will go to GIT as well.

OK, I will begin by developing in MonoDevelop trunk and submit a diff
patch when I have something working to be committed.

> We should talk to the GitSharp guys to make sure that their library has
> everything that MonoDevelop needs from a GIT perspective.

I will type up a list of features we will want in the initial version of
the add-in and then use it for comparison to make sure they will have
support for everything.  Of course, I will post the list here for
feedback.  Then, we can start the communication with the GitSharp team.

I will also look into creating mockups of the workflow in Balsamiq
Mockups[1].  They provide free licenses to open source projects.  This
will allow feedback on the workflow before any time is wasted on

> I think we can start the work with their trunk code, since they will
> release before 2.8 will come out.

I forked their project with my GitHub account[2] and I will use this fork
for developing the add-in.


[1]: http://www.balsamiq.com/
[2]: http://github.com/sinesignal/GitSharp/

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