[MonoDevelop] Support for Git - MonoDevelop 2.6

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Jun 16 23:39:04 EDT 2010


First of all, welcome to the team!

Any special instructions on where I should check-in my code?  I know the
> Mono team is planning on making a switch to Git soon, sometime after the
> 2.8 release.  Is that the same for the MonoDevelop team?  Should this be
> tracked in SVN like the other projects or should it be created in Git?  I
> have a GitHub account[2] as an option for hosting it too.

Ideally, we should get this on Subversion directly.    When we migrate to
this code will go to GIT as well.

We should talk to the GitSharp guys to make sure that their library has
that MonoDevelop needs from a GIT perspective.

Due to my web application plans, I have been following the GitSharp[3]
> library for quite some time.  It is progressing quite nicely and they are
> planning to do a release in August.  I do not see any reason that using
> this library should change from the initial task plans.

I think we can start the work with their trunk code, since they will release
2.8 will come out.

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