[MonoDevelop] Monodevelop 2.4 on Windows and Linux

Aniello Di Nardo dinardo at creasoftware.net
Mon Jul 12 19:45:00 EDT 2010


I'm just installed Monodevelop 2.4 on my two machine: "Windows XP" and "Ubuntu Lucid".

So... there is a strange problem on the Gtk GUI editor: All changes made with the GUI editor (on Gtk.Windows or Gtk.Widget, Buttons, Signals, etc...) are not reflected in the executable after the build.

The changes visible in the code editor are not presents in the "gtk-gui" files folder. They are not updated... why?

the problem is present on both machines (windows and linux)

I had to reinstall Monodevolp 2.2 and works!!

Can anyone help me?

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