[MonoDevelop] Suggested change to navigation drop-down behaviour

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 08:47:32 EDT 2010

I've just done a quick bit more poking and I think, given the purpose
that it is supposed to have, that the quick nav might work as-is if the
file remains as one of the options in the first block.

>From what I've just discovered of the behaviour in a more systematic
"what exactly does it do in situation X" check, rather than a "throw in
a region and see where it puts it and how it behaves" check, it seems
that the behaviour is:

 * With no regions, start the nav at the class
 * With regions and the cursor outside a region, add the file name as
the first element in the nav and put the regions in the drop-down
 * With regions and the cursor inside a region, add the region name as
the first element in the nav and put all regions in the drop-down

It's that difference between the last two that I think causes the
problem - as soon as you get into a region then you're stuck in the
region, but when you're outside the region then the item you click on to
access the regions isn't an option in the list.

The only problem I can see is if you've got "public methods" and
"private methods" regions in multiple classes in one file - then it
becomes harder to differentiate the two as the regions at the top level
just use their name and you appear to be able to have multiple regions
of the same name.

On 04/07/10 06:28, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> I'll see what I can do to help and contribute and hopefully not annoy
>> you too much :)
> No you don't ... it helps me much - for example the discussion on the
> navigation drop-down leads to one conclusion:
> Adding an option for the behaviors and test them (it's the only way to
> to solve that IMO).
> I'll do that next week.
> Regards
> Mike

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