[MonoDevelop] Notes about Building MonoDevelop in MonoDevelop on Mac

Scott Willeke scott at willeke.com
Wed Jan 27 20:02:26 EST 2010

I was able to get this working just ran into a copule issues that I was able to workaround. Just including the info for others...

I had a problem opening /main/Main.sln in MonoDevelop due to line 1072 that has content "Policies = $0". Removing that line allowed the solution to load. There was still a problem complaining about not being able to load the "po" project because its type - "TranslationProject" - was unknown.

After that I encountered a problem building GnomePlatform.cs where it couldn't find the Gnome namespace. Neither could I so I disabled the project as part of the build.

Then I encountered the following:
> Building: MonoDevelop.Refactoring (Debug)
> Building MonoDevelop.Refactoring
> make: *** No rule to make target `all'.  Stop.

Eventually I just disabled makefile integration on that project and continued...

The same happened for Building: MonoDevelop.HexEditor and I solved in the  same way (disabled makefile integration).

Then it ran.
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