[MonoDevelop] QT vs Mono

Andy Selvig ajselvig at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 02:57:01 EST 2010

It seems like "Qt vs Mono" isn't a good comparison. Perhaps "Qt vs
Gtk#" is better. Mono is a development/runtime environment that
provides a huge standard library and really cool language (C#). Gtk#
is a GUI toolkit that runs on Mono. Qt is both a standard library and
a GUI toolkit. The GUI toolkit is great, very feature-rich and fun to
use, and the other library classes are certainly useful. However, it
really comes down to the language. As most people on this list would
likely agree, writing in C# is awesome. It's a powerful and expressive
language that works WITH you to get the job done. I've done a fair
amount of C++ and I can definitely say it generally feels like the
language is working AGAINST you. Manual memory management is a pain
that most desktop developers should never have to deal with. Plus, the
aging syntax and verboseness (header files, anyone) do not lend to
rapid development.

This might all be different if the Mono bindings to Qt were anywhere
near as mature as Gtk#, but last I checked, that simply isn't the

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