[MonoDevelop] Custom tools on multiple files

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Tue Dec 21 03:50:59 EST 2010

Hi *,

I am trying to automate the task of compressing web application assets
(mainly CSS and JS files) into single files. I can do that using a build
script and calling an external program but I'd like to have this
functionality in a MD addin (adapting and hooking the script into every
new project leads to errors while clicking on a file/folder and enabling
an option is much better IMHO).

I looked into custom tools (like the one defined by the T4 addin) but
the problem is that ISingleFileCustomTool works on the source file and
generates a derived file in the same directory. I need to work on a
series of files (or on a folder) and generate a single file, like:




What's the best approach MD-wise?

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