[MonoDevelop] edit more than 1 file at a time

Mike Christensen mike at kitchenpc.com
Fri Dec 3 20:00:05 EST 2010

On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 11:51 AM, IBBoard <ibboard at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/12/10 00:48, Mike Christensen wrote:
>> In Visual Studio, you can configure the IDE to use tabs or an MDI
>> interface.  MDI mode is kinda nice cuz you can tile the windows in any
>> way, which lets you have multiple files in view at the same time.
>> Does MonoDevelop support that sort of thing, or does it only support
>> the tabbed interface?  MDI mode would be nice to add to the "suggested
>> features" list..  And wasn't there a guy just the other day looking
>> for a starter item to take on?
>> Mike
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> I could be wrong, but isn't MDI an oddity to Windows? Personally, I hate
> it, plus I've always got the windows maximised any time I use an MDI app
> and so don't use it in any way. Everyone else tends to go for tabs (ala
> browsers and all GTK editors) or multiple windows (ala Gimp). As far as
> I know then GTK doesn't have any form of MDI window.
> To be honest, I'd rather have something like Eclipse - tab based where
> you can collapse groups of tabs and arbitrarily split and shuffle all of
> the tabs. It'll probably be complex based on what we have now, but
> Eclipse uses SWT, which has GTK bindings for Linux, so it is possible
> with GTK :)

Yeah I tend to agree with you as well.  I've tried using the MDI mode
in VS a few times over the years because it has some advantages in
theory, but I can never really get used to it and always end up
switching back to tabs.

The original ask was "I want to see multiple files at the same time",
so I guess as long as this is done, the exact implementation is up to
the MonoDevelop guys..  I've never seen the way Eclipse does it, but I
believe I have that installed (as well as XCode) so maybe I'll mess
around with that later..

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