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Fri Dec 3 14:51:44 EST 2010

On 02/12/10 00:48, Mike Christensen wrote:
> In Visual Studio, you can configure the IDE to use tabs or an MDI
> interface.  MDI mode is kinda nice cuz you can tile the windows in any
> way, which lets you have multiple files in view at the same time.
> Does MonoDevelop support that sort of thing, or does it only support
> the tabbed interface?  MDI mode would be nice to add to the "suggested
> features" list..  And wasn't there a guy just the other day looking
> for a starter item to take on?
> Mike
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I could be wrong, but isn't MDI an oddity to Windows? Personally, I hate
it, plus I've always got the windows maximised any time I use an MDI app
and so don't use it in any way. Everyone else tends to go for tabs (ala
browsers and all GTK editors) or multiple windows (ala Gimp). As far as
I know then GTK doesn't have any form of MDI window.

To be honest, I'd rather have something like Eclipse - tab based where
you can collapse groups of tabs and arbitrarily split and shuffle all of
the tabs. It'll probably be complex based on what we have now, but
Eclipse uses SWT, which has GTK bindings for Linux, so it is possible
with GTK :)

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