[MonoDevelop] Hex editor as a widget for my application?

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Mon Aug 30 07:02:46 EDT 2010


It should be very simple to extract - it isn't based on any other mono 
develop stuff.

Grab the MonoDevelop.HexEditor project remove the MonoDevelop.HexEditor 
folder (that contains the monodevelop binding that you don't need).

The control is in Mono.MHex.HexEditor - it is usable like any other gtk 

btw. any feedback on that is appreciated (I want to use cairo for the 
drawing - it's still an old style gtk control).

> Hello everyone, i was wondering, is it possible to use the hex editor
> available in monodevelop as a component for my application? like a widget?
> it's really cool and really fits my needs, it would be really cool if i
> could use it as a widget for a simple app i'm writing.
> if it's possible, can anyone ventually drive me into the right direction
> on how to do so?
> thanks in advice.
> Francesco
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