[MonoDevelop] Using Nunit 2.5+

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Sun Aug 22 23:38:37 EDT 2010

Well, not really. Regardless of MD 2.6, there was concrete effort to 
modify our class lib tests to make it possible to migrate to 2.5. The 
effort required much work and hence unfinished.

Anyone can join and contribute the effort ;)

Atsushi Eno

On 2010/08/21 5:43, Dale Ragan wrote:
>> My question is, how do I tell Monodevelop to use the Nunit 2.5
>> executables to run the tests? Thanks for any  guidance.
> You're correct in what is happening.  MonoDevelop uses NUnit v2.4.8
> inside the test runner, therefore doesn't have support for passing
> parameters to test methods.  There is not an option to tell MD what
> version of NUnit to use.  You will need to run your tests with v2.5.*
> of the nunit-console to take advantage of that feature at the command
> line outside of MD.
> There have been discussions of upgrading the NUnit framework to
> version 2.5.* for MD v2.6, but nothing concrete yet.
> HTH,
> Dale
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