[MonoDevelop] Version Control UI

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Sat Aug 14 14:32:07 EDT 2010

On 12/08/10 16:18, Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
>> In master, mkrüger has implemented a shiny new UI for several of our
>> version control operations.
> It's still not finished ... it's still a long, long way for the widgets 
> to be shiny ... but I'll try.
> (And I'm open for suggestions)
>> Now, when I choose "Show Annotations" , "Diff" , or "Log" from the
>> Version Control context submenu, I get a nice view pane with "Source",
>> "Comparison", "Diff", "Log", and "Blame" choices at the bottom, each
>> of which presents a view of the source with the appropriate data
>> overlaid or otherwise applied.
>> My question: Why don't we show this view for version-controlled files
>> by default? (Defaulting to "Source", of course.)
>> Is there any reason not to?
> I find this idea great - we do this for files which have a designer 
> attached ... we can do that for version controlled files as well. And I 
> would work on a better switching control to prevent a premature death 
> due eye cancer.
> The pads can be lazy initalized - therefore that won't have a negative 
> impact on the file open speed - and this would make the comparison view 
> much more prominent.
> However we should consider hiding the 'diff' view by default and only 
> show the comparison view/blame and log.
> Regards
> Mike

I just updated again and noticed the new tabs at the bottom for the
different types. They look like a good start, but I think that they'd
look a bit more cleanly integrated with GUI files in something other
than Sonar due to its gradient :)

One thing I wondered was whether we needed the "Source/Visual/Actions"
bar any more - could it not be integrated into the tabs as the first
few? "Abstract Content" is a bit of a clunky name, which does kinda
indicate that we've got a bit too much together. I'd consider "Source",
"Visual", "Diff", "Blame" and "Log" as different views on the same thing
(viewing it as code, a GUI, as a comparison to a previous version, etc),
so having them all rendered the same as tabs would seem to make sense.
The only odd one out would be Actions, which is a view on a sub-part of
the Visual, but I'm not sure how that could be handled separately at the
moment without resorting to a pad, so it'd probably be best to move it
to a tab as well.



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