[MonoDevelop] Version Control UI

IBBoard ibboard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 14:55:10 EDT 2010

On 12/08/10 16:18, Mike Krüger wrote:
>> Now, when I choose "Show Annotations" , "Diff" , or "Log" from the
>> Version Control context submenu, I get a nice view pane with "Source",
>> "Comparison", "Diff", "Log", and "Blame" choices at the bottom, each
>> of which presents a view of the source with the appropriate data
>> overlaid or otherwise applied.
>> My question: Why don't we show this view for version-controlled files
>> by default? (Defaulting to "Source", of course.)
>> Is there any reason not to?
> I find this idea great - we do this for files which have a designer 
> attached ... we can do that for version controlled files as well. And I 
> would work on a better switching control to prevent a premature death 
> due eye cancer.
> The pads can be lazy initalized - therefore that won't have a negative 
> impact on the file open speed - and this would make the comparison view 
> much more prominent.
> However we should consider hiding the 'diff' view by default and only 
> show the comparison view/blame and log.

I agree - having them easily accessible and always there would seem
quite useful. Vertical screen space is the limiter these days, though,
(especially on netbooks) so maybe they need to be hidden or collapsed in
some way? That said, as Mike points out the "designer" button is always
there, and I personally use it less than I use source control views as I
tend to make the UI then do lots of coding with lots of small commits.

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