[MonoDevelop] Integration to TFS Source Control

Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 08:33:32 EDT 2009

> Just wondering if anyone has done any work with integrating MonoDevelop IDE
> with source control, in particular Source Control in Visual Studio Team
> Suite?  If there is a thread about it here, I apologise - just let me know!

MonoDevelop ships with a generalized version control integration addin
and one for Subversion integration.
It is possible to implement addins for other version control systems
as well; for example, there are Bazaar[0] and Git addins in progress.

I've worked with TFS a little (wrote a web interface to expose some of
the task/issue management functions); any TFS addin would still have
to be proprietarily licensed, right?

0. http://launchpad.net/monodevelop-bzr


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