[MonoDevelop] Code completion window after a whitespace

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Tue Sep 22 02:30:57 EDT 2009


I've a question to all of you on how about you feel when adding
automatic code completion popup after a whitespace. Especially it's
about the class initializer context.

I got this feature request:

The pattern is usually:

        new Foo () { <- [Return]
            _ <- that is the cursor

So what I suggest is: if the user presses return, we immediately pop the
window up. That would also work as people type stuff like:

        new Foo () {
            Text = "Hello", [Return]
            _ <- Show completion window again.

Or in general, it could be any whitespace after a comma: so this works:

        Foo () { Text = "Dingus", _<- here as well

(I would add whitespace after '{' too).

I think for this context it may be helpful - what do you think ?


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