[MonoDevelop] Moonlight add-in

Franck Bettinger fbettinger at free.fr
Tue Sep 22 00:39:54 EDT 2009


I'm trying to get the moonlight add-in to work.
I installed the beta1 version of Monodevelop 2.2 and compiled mono,msc and 
moon from the mono svn (2 days ago).
When I create a Moonlight project, it complained about not finding the 
System.Windows and System.Windows.Browser libraries even after setting the 
MOONLIGHT_2_SDK_PATH to a directory containing the compiled moonlight 
assemblies from svn.

Now I got it tom compile the "hello moon!" example and create a xap file. 
However, when I run it in a browser, I get nothing displayed (I have the 
latest moonlight plugin from the mono website installed in firefox). Nothing 
shows up in the XAML hierarchy either.

Did I miss something ? 
Is the original "hello moon!" page supposed to display properly without 
anything to add to it ?


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