[MonoDevelop] Rafactor submenus

Christian Hergert chris at dronelabs.com
Thu Sep 10 19:39:19 EDT 2009

Agreed.  I think this would be a great project for someone wanting to 
get into helping contribute to the MonoDevelop project.  These types of 
contextual based choices exist throughout the entire IDE and could use 
some thought time for each case.

-- Christian

Brett Michael wrote:
> I'm inclined to agree that they should be flattened - they are
> certainly the main (only) reason I go into the context menu, and I
> never select an item relating to something I didn't right-click on.
> "Organize Usings" (brilliant feature btw) could be in the same boat -
> I would expect that to be in a menu (which it isn't currently, unless
> I am blind), and only appear in the context menu if I right-click a
> 'using' line - at which point they could be up the top and in the root-
> level context menu, instead of a sub-menu. Just a thought.
> Regards,
> Brett
> On 11/09/2009, at 7:31 AM, Lucas Meijer wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I took the MonoDevelop 2.2 beta for a spin yesterday, and was very
>> pleased to see all the improvements all over the board. I found some
>> things that annoyed me, and figured to let them be known:
>> public class Test
>> {
>>    public void MyMethod()
>>    {
>>       SomeClass a = new SomeClass();
>>    }
>> }
>> Let's say I want to refactor "SomeClass", so I right click it. I am
>> now
>> presented with a contextmenu that presents me three submenus:
>> "Things I can do with class SomeClass"
>> "Things I can do with method MyMethod"
>> "Things I can do with class Test"
>> I'd like to argue that the latter two should be removed, and the
>> subitems of the "SomeClass" should be at the toplovel.
>> If I wanted to refactor "MyMethod" or "Test", I would have clicked
>> those
>> instead. But I didn't. I provided information by rightclicking
>> SomeClass, and it would be kind of MonoDevelop to try to use that
>> information to guess what I want to do, and then make that require few
>> clicks.
>> Cons:
>>    - It would make the context menu contain more items.
>> True, but not many. Let's say 8 refactor options get added, but we'd
>> lose 3 submenus, so we're at +5. I can see the "It would get big"
>> argument, but I"d say a better way to solve that is to remove other
>> options from the contextmenu, that in this specific context, are very
>> unlikely to be the options I want to select.
>> If I rightclik SomeClass, chances I want to do:
>> - cut
>> - copy
>> - surround with
>> are not very big. Whereas the specific actions I can do on SomeClass,
>> have very high chance of being what I want. (since I clicked on it).
>> So
>> if there is going to be a realestate fight, these should win.
>> I guess my whole story would be best summarized as "It's a _context_
>> menu. Let's use the context availabe"
>> Interested in how others feel about this,
>>    Lucas
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