[MonoDevelop] Fatwa: bring the XCode error/warning reporting to MonoDevelop.

Miguel de Icaza miguel.de.icaza at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 10:15:41 EDT 2009


Finding/tuning a good behaviour is not necessarily "simple".

It is simple;   We try it, and if we do not like it, we change it.

Until we see the prototype, all of this discussion of potential problems is
merely academic.   I love an academic discussion as much as the next guy,
but it is not worth wasting our time discussing academic issues.

Well, *I* like to be able to skim the list of errors first to get an
> idea of what was broken. Things can be more complicated, for example,
> when autogenerated code is involved, and you sometimes need to get the
> big picture to see what's happened.

The only time when the pad will be shown is when you explicitly click on the
error/warning message on the status bar.    There is your solution.

>> * How should bubble rendering interact with breakpoint markers or the
> >> current line highlight marker?
> >
> > Side by side.
> That doesn't work. Breakpoints are rendered across the full line, not
> just in the margin.

I fail to see why this is a problem.    The bubble is overlayed, it is not

>> * Does the purpose of bubbles conflict with the squiggly underlines
> >> for on-the-fly syntax errors? Should we still use squiggly underlines
> >> for all on-the-fly errors (e.g. spelling, syntax, etc) and save
> >> bubbles for compile-time errors?
> >
> > Yes.
> Yes to which question? The latter?


> That is a good idea while we kill it
> You have yet to explain why we should "kill" it. Xcode still has one
> for a reason.

Kill it by it will not be visible unless you click on it;   It will
effectively only be used for diagnostic purposes as I said before.
 If we get this right, we will make users happier. If we are too

> disruptive without considering the consequences, we will lose users.
> Don't forget that users come from different perspectives, and emacs
> and Xcode users like yourself are a tiny minority compared to those
> who are familiar with other IDEs, especially VS. Blithely dismissing
> these other viewpoints is incredibly counterproductive. We should be
> discussing how we can make it more usable for everyone.

Blithely questioning this new Fatwa for what is today a completely useless
and annoying behavior is incredible counterproductive.

We can fine tune the decision, but that is all we are going to do:fine tune
it;   There is a reason it is a fatwa and not a call-for-comments.

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