[MonoDevelop] Feedback wanted for the inline search & replace

Lluis Sanchez Gual slluis.devel at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 07:33:27 EST 2009

My comments:
      * I don't see the need for such a large search box. People only
        search one or two words. 90% of that search box will always be
        empty, so it is a waste of space.
      * The automatic switch to case sensitive is ok, but there should
        be some visual feedback of it. I think the Case Sensitive
        checkbox could be moved from the drop down options menu to the
        search bar, since it is a commonly used option and there is
        space for it.
      * In fact, maybe all options could be shown as icon-only toggle
        buttons in the search bar (although we would need well designed
        icons for this).
      * There should be a 'search in selection' option. This option is
        right now in the Find in Files dialog, but it doesn't really
        belong there. It should be moved to the inline search bar.

El dj 26 de 11 de 2009 a les 14:45 +0100, en/na Mike Krüger va escriure:
> Hi
> I've worked a bit on the search & replace gui and behavior (SVN version.
> + It starts now always in case insensitive mode and switches to case
> sensitivity when a upper case letter appears. 
> + The search box is a larger
> + Some small gui/behavior tweaks
> If anybody has a suggestion on improving the GUI or behavior I want to
> hear about it.
> Regards
> Mike 
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