[MonoDevelop] Feedback wanted for the inline search & replace

Stefanos Apostolopoulos stapostol at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 09:27:13 EST 2009

Mike Krüger wrote:
> Hi
> I've worked a bit on the search & replace gui and behavior (SVN version.
> + It starts now always in case insensitive mode and switches to case
> sensitivity when a upper case letter appears. 
> + The search box is a larger
> + Some small gui/behavior tweaks
> If anybody has a suggestion on improving the GUI or behavior I want to
> hear about it.
A long-standing issue with inline search/search-and-replace is the 
behavior of the tab key. Intuitively, pressing tab should move keyboard 
focus to the next button in the inline bar (i.e. cycle between "search 
for", "replace with", "find next", "replace current", "replace all", 
"find previous" and back to "search for" - sorry, I don't have MD 
installed on this machine.) Shift-tab should work in the opposite order.

Both MD 1.0 and MD 2.0 have very strange focus behavior in those dialogs 
(which has remained strange on MD 2.2 beta-1). It also looks like the 
tab key stops working on the search dialog if you remap it to re-indent 
in the text-editor - so please test that!

Finally, it would be very nice to have a search-in-selection and 
search-and-replace-in-selection option, but that's just icing in the cake.

I apologize in advance if any of those is already implemented in MD2.2 
RC, but I cannot test myself right now. If you need more information or 
testing, please say so and I will test as soon as I get back from work.

> Regards
> Mike 
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