[MonoDevelop] multiple monos installed, MonoDevelop can't see all gacs

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Mon Nov 23 06:46:09 EST 2009

MonoDevelop doesn't look for assemblies in any GAC. Assemblies are
located through pkgconfig. You have to set your PKG_CONFIG_PATH env var
and include all your prefixes.

El ds 21 de 11 de 2009 a les 07:04 -0800, en/na A.M. Abdelaziz va
> I'm using openSUSE 11.2 x86, GNOME
> I have:
> mono from rpm svn installed (prefix=/usr)
> mono compiled and installed from latest svn (prefix=/usr/local)
> MonoDevelop compiled and installed from latest svn, using trunk mono (the
> one in /usr/local) as the default .NET runtime
> Gtk-sharp and some others are installed to /usr , because I used rpm packs,
> compiling from source takes a lot of time
> I made my mono (the one in /usr/local, that's compiled from source) able to
> see it by setting:
> MONO_GAC_PREFIX=/usr/local:/usr
> in /etc/profile.local
> my problem is:
> in MonoDevelop, I can''t see gtk and others under the "packages" tab when
> editing references, so I have to add it manually from the ".NET assemblies"
> tab.
> MonoDevelop can see gtk and others when using mono under /usr as the default
> runtime, but not the packages installed from source (as they reside in
> /usr/local)
> in short:
> is there anyway to make MonoDevelop see all the packages in all GACs and not
> only the one associated with the current default mono runtime ?
> additional info:
> running "echo $MONO_GAC_PREFIX" in the terminal (either as root or user)
> gives the right value
> I tried "MONO_GAC_PREFIX=/usr monodevelop", no luck,
> tried setting gac prefix to just "/usr" in the profile.local file, no luck
> nothing in ~/.config/MonoDevelop/log

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