[MonoDevelop] multi-language project files support ?

Cyryl Płotnicki-Chudyk cyryl at power.com.pl
Fri May 8 04:46:01 EDT 2009

Michael Hutchinson wrote:

> I don't think the limited number of use cases for that scenario would
> make it worthwhile for us to implement that. Note that in theory
> MSBuild projects can create many modules and assemblies as you want --
> how would we scale the options panels, given that each module/assembly
> would need a full set of options? What happens when you reference such
> a project? There are many complexities if you go down that path, and
> IMO very few advantages. Also, the MSBuild files would no longer be
> compatible with VS.
> Of course, feel free to file an feature request or contribute patches :)

MSBuild was used just as an example of a build system. I didn't know 
that it would be unsupported. Is there a possibility to implement it for 
another build system in Monodevelop ? What is the target build system 
for VS and Monodevelop ?


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