[MonoDevelop] Environment for production (desktop and web for small team)

Bojan Rajkovic bojanr at brandeis.edu
Wed May 6 15:25:43 EDT 2009

osvaldotcf wrote:
> Ok, thank you;
> I need help with installation of non-packaged items:
>  Castle Monorail
>  Castle activerecord
>  NHibernate
> could you help-me ?
My recommendation would be to just download their binaries and deploy 
them with your app rather than "installing" them anywhere (they're not 
intended to go in the GAC anyway, as far as I understand). This is done 
pretty much the same way it's done on Windows, generally by copying them 
into the same directory as the binary (or some other directory that your 
app searches for references, etc.)

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