[MonoDevelop] VB Code Completion and monodoc

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Fri Mar 27 04:50:17 EDT 2009

> Hi Rolf,
> Some of the .vb files (randomly) shows chinese characters instead of my
> code,
> but these files aren't corrupted on the filesystem.
> Another error shows me this message: "[Task:File=, Line=0, Column=0,
> Type=Error, Priority=Normal, Description='Variable type should be
> specified.'(warning message should have been shown)]".

This is a warning, not an error (and MD should treat it as such).

You're using late binding (Option Strict Off) and declaring variables
without a type ("Dim a" instead of "Dim a As Object") - the compiler will
assume "As Object", but show this warning.


> That's all.
> I hope you can help me.
> Thanks for reply,
> Alessandro Accardo.
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