[MonoDevelop] VB Code Completion and monodoc

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Mon Mar 23 06:39:45 EDT 2009

> Hi Rolf,
> We know that code completion isn't implemented for VB yet so if you
> know, when this needful feature get implemented? 

Basically when someone volunteers to do it ;-)

> I bring to you this question because
> you are arrived implementing .NET 3.5 features for C# but otherwise VB
> is stopped to nothing. I'm a C#.NET 3.5 developer for work but I'm a
> VB.NET developer too for hobby and I don't want to rewrite my VB code for
> porting in Mono, now I prefer in developing under Windows and SharpDevelop
> instead of Mono under my favourite openSUSE 11.1. This 2.0 release of mono
> monodevelop is great but I can't believe that I cannot port my VB
> applications in Mono because MonoDevelop for VB is unusable and Mono VB
> compiler don't compile great my code. I spend my hobby time in porting
> my VB app in Mono but after months of work I have 2 different apps and not
> real porting because this two tools (mono and monodevelop) brings me
> almost completely my app, and obviously I don't want to.
> Thanks for replies.

The vb compiler supports only VB8, all VB9/Visual Studio 2008 features (such
as xml literals, anonymous types, object and array initializers, lambda
expressions, etc) haven't been implemented yet (and it will probably take
some time until they are). If you don't use any of the new VB9 features no
porting should be required to compile/run on mono.


> Bye,
> Alessandro Accardo.
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