[MonoDevelop] VB Code Completion and monodoc

Alessandro Accardo julius8774 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 07:56:07 EDT 2009

Il sabato 21 marzo 2009 01:26:04 Rolf Bjarne Kvinge ha scritto:
> Hi,
> > Hallo! I have just complied monodevelop 1.9.3 with Ubuntu 8.04 and Mono
> > Addins 0.4. Code completion ist not working for VB
> Unfortunately code completion isn't implemented for VB in MonoDevelop yet.
> Rolf
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Hi Rolf,
We know that code completion isn't implemented for VB yet so if you know, when 
this needful feature get implemented? I bring to you this question because 
you are arrived implementing .NET 3.5 features for C# but otherwise VB is 
stopped to nothing. I'm a C#.NET 3.5 developer for work but I'm a VB.NET 
developer too for hobby and I don't want to rewrite my VB code for a porting 
in Mono, now I prefer in developing under Windows and SharpDevelop instead of 
Mono under my favourite openSUSE 11.1. This 2.0 release of mono and 
monodevelop is great but I can't believe that I cannot port my VB 
applications in Mono because MonoDevelop for VB is unusable and Mono VB 
compiler don't compile great my code. I spend my hobby time in porting my VB 
app in Mono but after months of work I have 2 different apps and not a real 
porting because this two tools (mono and monodevelop) brings me rewrite 
almost completely my app, and obviously I don't want to.
Thanks for replies.

Alessandro Accardo.

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