[MonoDevelop] trouble showing data in NodeView

Daniel Petersen samuraidanieru at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 17:49:13 EDT 2009


I'm new to Mono/GTK development, hoping someone can help me:-) I've read
over the NodeView
<http://www.mono-project.com/GtkSharpNodeViewTutorial>tutorial and I
pretty much get how it works. I'm basically following the
same steps as far as I can tell, and other than I'm trying to use a NodeView
that stetic created.  the problem is the nodeview is still turning up blank
during runtime so I'm missing something.  Here's my code within the
'MainWindow' class:

public MainWindow (): base (Gtk.WindowType.Toplevel)
        Build ();

private void populateNodeView()
        NodeStore store = new NodeStore (typeof (MyTreeNode));
        store.AddNode(new MyTreeNode ("yomama", "yesterday!"));
        store.AddNode(new MyTreeNode ("walk", "like it's the first"));

        jobsView = new NodeView (store);
        jobsView.AppendColumn ("ID", new CellRendererText(), "text", 0);
        jobsView.AppendColumn ("Title", new CellRendererText(), "text", 1);

...I'm using the 'MyTreeNode' class from the tutorial, and 'jobsView' is the
NodeView created by stetic. I noticed that stetic is instantiating jobsView
with the no arg constructor.  I couldn't find any methods to tie it to my
NodeStore other than the constructor, so I'm assuming it's ok to instantiate
a new 'NodeView' object here and pass my NodeStore to it, but maybe this is
where I'm going wrong, I don't know. Any help/insight appreciated.
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