[MonoDevelop] MD and Winforms

Ian Norton inb at ncipher.com
Sun Jun 7 07:22:03 EDT 2009

Hi there everyone,

I've been happily using MD built from svn and really do like it, I've
even used it for the occasional bit if C too.

I'd like to say that it really is a top notch program and that it is
clear that a great deal of effort has gone into it.

I do have a question, perhaps it is more of a general one than a MD one
but here goes.

For those of us out there that end up needing to use winforms, do you?:-

* lay out the winforms code by hand, 
* fire up visual studio on a windows pc/vm
* try with mwf-designer.

At the moment I kind of resort to running a windows VM with just visual
studio 2008 and perforce installed, but this is just horrible.

mwf-designer looks promising but doesn't seem to get alot of work since
it's summer of code thing.

Best Regards


Ian Norton <inb at ncipher.com>

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