[MonoDevelop] Call to translators: MonoDevelop 2.0 string freeze is here!

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 12:13:58 EST 2009

Thanks, I'll have the Spanish(es) translation ready this weekend.

BTW, maybe we should do 2 string-freezes? Let me explain: it's pretty
usual that while making a translation, the translator finds typos in the
original strings, but at this time they cannot be fixed because of the
string freeze.

So why not doing this:
- String freeze tentative: post a message on the mailing-list and the
first translator that replies will be the only and first one that works
on a translation.
- After and having reported all typos, and committed the first
translation, the real string freeze happens for the rest of
translations, posting a subsequent call in the mailing list.

Just my 2c!


Michael Hutchinson wrote:
> Dear Translators and Committers,
> MonoDevelop is now string-frozen for release. No changes should be
> made to the translatable strings without careful review and extremely
> good reasons. This freeze applies to trunk until 2.0 is branched, and
> will apply to the 2.0 branch indefinitely.
> This means its time to start translating MonoDevelop for the 2.0 release!
> Procedure is the same as before, but I'll run through it for
> newcomers. before beginning a translation, please reply to the list
> with your intentions, so we don't have duplicated efforts.
> I've committed up-to-date version of all the .po files to MonoDevelop
> main in SVN. Either use an up-to-date SVN checkout, or grab the
> appropriate .po file from
> http://anonsvn.mono-project.com/viewvc/trunk/monodevelop/main/po.
> * To edit the .po file, you can open the MonoDevelop solution in
> MonoDevelop, find the "po" project, and edit the translation using our
> editor. Alternatively you can use any po editor or text editor to edit
> the po file.
> * To add a new translation from within MonoDevelop, use the context
> menu on the "po" project. If you are doing this manually, make a copy
> of messages.po, rename it to match your language code, and add it to
> the lists in the Makefile.am and the po.mdproj file.
>  * To test the translation, build MonoDevelop (using either
> MonoDevelop itself or "make"), ensure that you have set the
> appropriate LANGUAGE/LANG environment variable, and run MonoDevelop
> using the Run button or "make run".
> Several of the addins in extras/ have been set up with po files.
> Procedure for these is similar, though I have not finished updating
> them yet.
> When you are done, please commit your translation if you have SVN
> commit access, or email your translation directly to me, or attach it
> to a bug report at http://bugzilla.novell.com.
> Thank you for you contributions!

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