[MonoDevelop] making some progress with code analysis fetures.

Mike Krüger mkrueger at novell.com
Tue Feb 17 11:28:35 EST 2009


> Improve the c# parser so that it doesn’t choak on the first error.

It doesn't stop on the first error in all cases, but it does stop a bit
too often. But I think changing this IS difficult...

> Extend the DOM in monodevelop so that it can be used to populate my
> code structure. (Is there any reason why your not using CodeDom with
> some enhancements?)

Hm, the main reason is that codedom does different things than our dom.
The MonoDevelop DOM is for the upper level and CodeDOM goes down to
statement level - that's not needed for 90% of the cases.
For lower levels we've the NRefactory DOM that is more like codedom.
CodeDOM is static (means it can't be changed) the NRefactory and
monodevelop one can - thats the reason.


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