[MonoDevelop] The very latest versions of everything -> could MonoDevelop working?

Bálint Kriván balint at krivan.info
Sat Feb 14 15:30:14 EST 2009


I'm curious if I would use everything from SVN (mono, gtk-sharp, etc.) would
I be able to compile MonoDevelop?
I have Ubuntu 8.10, I'm using Eric Butler's PPA (
https://launchpad.net/~firerabbit/+archive/ppa) for mono and the related
And I'm always updating MD from SVN with mono-debugger aswell (which isn't
evolving as fast as MD :) ).
It's working like a charm, but I'm curious that if i would update to mono
from svn, could I use it aswell? Is anybody whos using the very latest of
Or it's not worth to try out this one?

Thanks for reading and further comments,

Kriván Bálint
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