[MonoDevelop] German translation updates

Zeno Gantner zeno.gantner at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 19:32:58 EST 2009


I made some modifications to main/po/de.po.
I have not added any new translations, but I have fixed many issues
that bothered me when
working with MonoDevelop.
Mostly simple typos, issues with capitalization, hyphens, 'ss' instead
of umlaut-s.

Following the instructions in the README, I just attached the complete
file, not a patch.
It is based on a checkout from the repository I made today.

I am not sure whether this is necessary, but I grant you the right to
use the corrected file
as Free Software under the MIT License.

I haven't gone over the complete file yet, but will try to correct
more things over the next days.

I never worked with gettext before, so please tell me if I did something wrong.

Of course I hope someone will commit this to SVN; I think the modified
file will already improve the
user experience for German-speaking users quite a bit.

Best regards,
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