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Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 14:44:22 EDT 2009

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 12:37 PM, Mark DevGood <dirkroel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, sorry if this has been posted before but something about MonoDevelop
> is a major turn off for me. How come it decides to remap all of the standard
> Mac OSX buttons?

MonoDevelop *doesn't* remap its commands. We need to map MD's commands
to a good set of OS-X-like accelerators. Suggestions for the
keybindings from mac user would be appreciated, as we don't have any
Mac users on the MD team, so don't have familiarity with how a Mac app
should "feel".

> For example in every Mac OS X application you can press Command-C to copy
> and Command-V to paste.
> However in MonoDevelop this does nothing and you have to press Control-C to
> copy and Control-V to paste? Its like its designed for some Windows
> developer who has never used a Mac.
> How to quit it? Again Command-Q to quit does nothing. Going to the Mac
> MenuBar>>MonoDevelop>>Quit is ignored. The only thing that works is using

Mac menu support is fixed in SVN as part of the main menu integration
I just completed.

> the Windows Paradigm of finding the 'File' menu inside of MonoDevelop and
> clicking on 'Quit'. It also tells me that Control-Q works. Why?

The Mac OS adds the quit command to that menu automatically, even
though we hadn't implemented a handler.

> It seems that wherever I'd use Command in the Mac, only for this applicaiton
> I have to remember to use Control. Please someone tell me there is an easy
> way to 'turn off clever windows buttons' and just use the Mac OS X Standard?

Although we appreciate feedback on what needs to be fixed, assuming
that we're *trying* to making things hard for Mac users is not
helpful. The problem is that we haven't yet had the time/resources to
implement much special handling for the Mac. I'm currently in the
process of making MD integrate better with Mac.

> Right clicking: Don't ask my why but on my mouse the right click button
> seems to be broken. This isn't a problem because I can use Control-Left
> Click in Mac OSX which does the same thing. This works for all but
> MonoDevelop which just ignores it because the Control button seems remapped.

This is a GTK+ issue. There is no "remapping" going on. GTK+ captures
raw mouse events in order to map them to GTK+ mouse events, but the
authors of the GTK+ Mac port didn't implement Ctrl-click behaviour.
There's a patch in GTK+ Bugzilla, but they don't seem to want to
accept it. I'm going to try to work around this in managed code.

> Additionally this may be a seperate issue but any form of lists on
> MonoDevelop (like lists of files) seems to have a few issues on my Mac. When
> I click a file it seems to select it in memory but it doesn't show that its
> been selected on the screen. I have to remember which ones I selected.

There are some redraw issues in the Mac GTK+. We're going to have to
track these down and fix them in GTK+; there's nothing we can do about
this in MD.

Michael Hutchinson

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