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Mark DevGood dirkroel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:40:17 EDT 2009

Hello, sorry if this has been posted before but something about MonoDevelop
is a major turn off for me. How come it decides to remap all of the standard
Mac OSX buttons?

For example in every Mac OS X application you can press Command-C to copy
and Command-V to paste.
However in MonoDevelop this does nothing and you have to press Control-C to
copy and Control-V to paste? Its like its designed for some Windows
developer who has never used a Mac. 

How to quit it? Again Command-Q to quit does nothing. Going to the Mac
MenuBar>>MonoDevelop>>Quit is ignored. The only thing that works is using
the Windows Paradigm of finding the 'File' menu inside of MonoDevelop and
clicking on 'Quit'. It also tells me that Control-Q works. Why?

It seems that wherever I'd use Command in the Mac, only for this application
I have to remember to use Control. Please someone tell me there is an easy
way to 'turn off clever windows buttons' and just use the Mac OS X Standard?

Right clicking: Don't ask my why but on my mouse the right click button
seems to be physically broken. This isn't a problem because I can use
Control-Left Click in Mac OSX which does the same thing. This works for all
but MonoDevelop which just ignores it because the Control button seems

Additionally this may be a seperate issue but any form of lists on
MonoDevelop (like lists of files) seems to have a few issues on my Mac. When
I click a file it seems to select it in memory but it doesn't show that its
been selected on the screen. I have to remember which ones I selected.

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