[MonoDevelop] Weird Installation on Linux Mint

Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 22:23:58 EDT 2009

Yes, you need run ./configure for each ones of they.

Monodoc 2.0 I think that is not mandatory to compile Monodevelop. In my
case, the installation failed. I continued the installation, installing
GTK# and Mono-addins, and finally Monodevelop without problems.

You may need to install libgdiplus, glade-sharp and gnome-sharp before
to install GTK#.

El jue, 09-04-2009 a las 18:54 -0700, Magic Speller escribió:
> Thanks, everybody, for your helpful responses.
> Daniel, that's what I thought, too--that I should be able to install the
> Ubuntu version of 2.0 in Linux Mint with no problems. I've now learned that
> that's not the case. Thanks to Danieru, for confirming that, and to Vitor
> for explaining why. I think Ubuntu Jaunty is coming next month and Mint
> probably a few weeks later, so if I were more patient....
> Anirudh: As Daniel pointed out, the download page for MonoDevelop tells me
> that I would need to install Mono Addins 0.3.1, Gtk# 2.8.5, and Monodoc 2.0
> before installing MonoDevelop Source . Wouldn't we need to run Configure for
> all of these? And wouldn't we need to execute a Make and a Make Install for
> each, as well?

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