[MonoDevelop] Stripped down GTK# notebook tabs for monodevelop

Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 12:32:36 EDT 2009

> Your idea was the same Mike suggested earlier. The problem is that adding an
> icon and a close button changes the width. Adding them on mouseover and
> removing them on mouseout would lead to a very jerky experience if the user
> just moves across the tab bar, not to mention it would be a usability
> nightmare.

It doesn't have to be jerky - it could be a smooth expansion.
I'm not sure how it would be a usability nightmare, any more than,
say, tooltips or the OSX dock (or do/docky or cairo-dock or awn or
>From my perspective, removing a bunch of information and interactivity
from the inactive tabs isn't really helping the usability.


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