[MonoDevelop] Add-in ProjectBinding failed

Thomas Krieger p.o.k at web.de
Thu Apr 9 06:57:43 EDT 2009


i had some more experiments with the add in architecture and found some strange behaviour. When i try to load my given
add-in with these extension points:

    <Extension path = "/MonoDevelop/ProjectModel/ProjectBindings">
        <ProjectBinding id = "MonoModeller.ModelProject" class =
"MonoModeller.ModelProject" />
    <Extension path = "/MonoDevelop/Ide/ProjectTemplates">
        <ProjectTemplate id = "UMLProject" resource = "UMLModel.xpt.xml"/>

an WARNING is thrown that none of the given Extension Point is defined. If i start the ide the second time the warning disappears.
If i look at the "Add-In Manager" inside of monodevelop the add in is listed an activated. But the Template is not shown inside the "New Project" Dialog.

Probably there is some problem with the correct queueing of the add in on startup, or do i missing something. I am a newbie to Add-In Architecutre of 
Monodevelop so hoply someone can help.



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