[MonoDevelop] Boo add-in: help required

Lluis Sanchez Gual lluis at novell.com
Mon Sep 15 10:28:34 EDT 2008


We need help from the community to keep the Boo add-in up-to-date. There
are two main problems with it:

      * The add-in is using the parser provided by the Boo api to parse
        the files. This parser loads referenced assemblies in memory
        using reflection, and this is unacceptable since it pollutes the
        MonoDevelop process with assemblies which can't be unloaded. I'm
        not sure why the parser needs to load the assemblies, since we
        only need file parsing, not type resolving. We have to find a
        solution for this.
      * The add-in needs to be ported to the new parser object model
        (see my previous post in the list).

Help on those tasks will he greatly appreciated.


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