[MonoDevelop] css auto complete

James King james.king at 4act.com
Tue Nov 25 13:45:04 EST 2008

Is css supposed to have syntax highlighting and/or auto completion? Is there
any sort of add-in for that?

If it is not there could someone point me in the correct direction for how
to implement it?

Do I just need to populate some sort of xml file? Would I have to write the
entire editor? Would it be best to work on the existing editor and propose
some changes to someone?

I am pretty handy with C# but have never attempted to develop an editor

Any sort of leg up would be appreciated before I spend an entire weekend
digging through code and googling just to find a starting block.

FYI I am still a linux newb. Everything C# has been on the .Net framework
(except my most recent project using monodevelop to develop an asp.net C#
app) I know that gtk replaces winforms in mono and that's about it.

Any websites, handy articles, list of things I should learn before even
attempting to develop any sort of add-in for monodevelop would be


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