[MonoDevelop] [Mono-winforms-list] How to geting started?

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 09:33:00 EST 2008

JV.com wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> this week ik made the sitch from XP to ubuntu 8.10, before all that i
> asked people on several forums, the question:
> if im used to program C# in microsoft visual express. what is the
> best program to work with in ubuntu?
> many people answered me: monodevelop.

These questions are all unrelated to winforms, and more appropriate to
the monodevelop mailing list. I'm moving the discussion there.

> oke, it installed it( it seems that it can handle microsft express
> solution Cheesy) and tried, but there are a few things that I cant
> get fixed. like develop a user interface. MS > just drop all the
> tools on the from place it where you want.double click and code. but
> in monodevelop I cant get i done, cant resize objects some messages
> about widgets (what is that?) and Gtk# shizzle?

MonoDevelop does not have a Winforms GUI designer. The GUI designer uses
the GTK+ toolkit (the .NET bindings are called GTK#). "Widget" in GTK+
is the same as "control" in Winforms. If you Google a bit I'm sure you
can find plenty of documentation, tutorials, etc. Layout in GTK+ works
differently; you don't generally absolutely position your widgets.
Instead, they go in containers and resize relative to each other and
according to properties that you set. It actually ends up working a lot
nice for a lot of cases (don't you get tired of resizing your Winforms
buttons whenever you change the text on them, for example?).

> So there are a lot of beginners problems so my question is: are there
> some tutorial from people who switched from microsoft studio express
> to monodevelop, or just tutorials that explains how i have too use
> monodevelop.\?

Have you tried searching at all, or just browsing the MonoDevelop
website? There are tons of tutorials, such as this one:


> little extra question: if i made a Monodevelop project. and i save
> it. and i went to school and plug my Harddisk in a M$ system with
> microsoft visual studio C#, am i able to edit and work on this
> project or is ms visual C# not able to handle monodevelop solutions?

MonoDevelop can use Visual Studio solution/project files. So if you use
that format (.sln/.csproj instead of .mds/.mdp), you should be fine.
However, Visual Studio has no GTK# GUI designer, so you won't be able to
edit your GUI in Visual Studio.


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