[MonoDevelop] Help Trying to compile monodevelop alpha2 on ubuntu 8.04

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 09:21:34 EST 2008

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alan wrote:
> Sandy wrote
>> I assume since you have mono installed in /usr/local/, you also
>> have Mono.Addins and MonoDevelop installed there?
> Yes, I used ./configure --prefix=/usr/local even though it is the
> default so everything is in /usr/local overwriting existing code. I
> see from the referenced guide that perhaps this wasnt a good thing to
> do. Still Im there now so what should I do for the best, persevere or
> reinstall a clean Ubuntu again?

There's probably no need to completely reinstall your distro.  Just
uninstall the stuff you've installed from source, and next time when
setting up a second Mono install, follow the Parallel Mono Environments
guide on the wiki.

If you're really a Mono nut, and don't care what Linux distribution you
use, I recommend trying openSUSE, which has Mono Preview repositories
maintained by the Mono team (so they're pretty good!).  Then you don't
have to bother with the hassle of setting up the parallel environment at
all.  Ubuntu's great, but it can be a bit of a wait to get stable Mono
packages after a release occurs.


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