[MonoDevelop] Python

Christian Hergert christian.hergert at gmail.com
Mon May 5 05:31:45 EDT 2008

I've started a Python binding. Note that this is NOT for IronPython
and therefore does not use DotNetProject. Someone wanting to do that
should look into fixing the old python binding.

What it does support, is a basic python project, basic python
configurations, and a compiler. yes, you can compile python ;-)

Everything will get more features as my time alots. I have every
intention to get parsing in soon (using compiler.visitor.ASTVisitor)
and eventually debugging using pdb (after the new debugger interfaces
are solid).

Trust me, there is still A LOT to do. But for people wanting to check
it out and add code, i have a mercurial repo below.

hg clone http://hg.pantlesssoftware.com/hg/source/pybinding/mainline/ pybinding

If you have this in the same parent directory as monodevelop, you can
run ./tester-tool inside pybinding to copy the development library to
the MD build and run md (using make run).


-- Christian (vwduder)

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