[MonoDevelop] Gtk.Tooltips is obsolete

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 10:24:28 EDT 2008

Brett Senior wrote:
> Why do you get the above warning when I am running GTK# 2.12 ? My 
> understanding is that the tooltip format was changed in this release 
> to allow the ability to use icons etc in the tooltips.  I was 
> expecting that this warning would disappear.

Gtk.Tooltips is obsolete.  Gtk.Tooltip replaces it.  Here is a C guide 
for migrating:


All this really means is that Gtk.Tooltips won't be maintained anymore, 
so if bugs crop up you'll be safer using Gtk.Tooltip instead.

If you really want to ignore the warning I think there's some pragma 
directive or something you can pass...I'm sure somebody else on the list 
knows.  Or you could google it.


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